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GBBG/Bitbillions is a technology venture. GBBG is NOT the latest, greatest vitamin craze! GBBG is a group of technical engineers and entrepreneurial solutionists involved in the development and creation of many technology products.

Over time, GBBG/Bitbillions will introduce many products and services that will generate revenue for the organization. This revenue will then be distributed to GBBG/Bitbillion members through their unique “Matrix Marketing” system. Free forever! So…. if you are interested in a FREE and Easy Business Opportunity & ARE READY TO PROFIT FROM THE GREATEST REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH EVER… AND… Looking for some FREE CA$H….

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If you are interested in earning more and building up your own referral network with a steady income for you and your family in the future, simply share your Bitbillions referral link. You may find it in your dashboard in the “Referring” Tab. Don’t be shy, spread the message, copy your “Referring Link” and share it to your friends, colleagues and family via email, twitter, or on other social networks, so they can create a free account on, and start earning themselves, once Bitbillions takes off into the “Matrix Marketing” stage, which will launch after the current “Co-Founder” stage!


You can earn points by watching adds, videos, websites, win Bitcoin and other stuff via their recurrent campaigns. These points will be paid in Bitcoin once a month, every 15th of the month, once the website launches into the “Matrix Marketing” phase. is in the “Co-Founder stage”, currently. See the image below. Check it out! For more information, log into your Bitbillions account and check out the FAQ @


The “Co-Founder stage” means, that you earn money (Bitcoins) for every referral that upgrades to a “Co-Founder” account. Futuregroove created two free accounts using the referral ID of the first free account to create another free account. Both accounts were upgraded to “Co-Founder” accounts for 50 Dollars each, in April. Futuregroove then got 40% of the 50 Dollars, which means 20 Dollars, refunded in Bitcoin on May 15th. Futuregroove then upgraded another free account, for 60 Dollars, in May, 10 Dollars more than in April, as the price of the Co-Founder accounts is rising, steadily. The last 250, limited, accounts will be auctioned off for over 150 Dollar each. Check the following link to get an idea how prices of Co-Founder accounts are increasing: Please note the image below to get a perception on how the value of these “Co-Founder” accounts may increase over time.


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To upgrade your free account to “Co-Founder” status simply login to your Bitbillions account and request an upgrade via this link: They do accept Bitcoin and Paypal payments. You won’t regret it, because prices for Co-Founder accounts are rising steadily, as mentioned above, so you may sell your “Co-Founder” account for a higher price at a later point in time, because the number of “Co-Founder” accounts is strictly limited, so once the “Co-Founder” stage is over and the “Matrix Marketing” stage begins, there will be no more possibility to buy a new “Co-Founder” account from Bitbillions/GBBG, ever again. You may buy an account from another source at horrendous prices, within their marketplace then, compared to the prices now. These rising prices are due to the increasing earning opportunities within the “Matrix Marketing” stage later on.

Not convinced yet? You should listen to the webinars by the Bitbillions/GBBG team, which do explain the respectable visions behind the company and the people involved, definitely. Please take your time, listen to the webinars and get yourself informed about Bitbillions/GBBG. I think you won’t regret it.

The following webinar is an interesting overview for starters in Bitbillions/GBBG:

The webinar below is a question and answer session about the further development of Bitbillions:

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