FutureGroove is dedicated to promote fresh tunes of promising artists worldwide, within the following genres: Drum & Bass, Jungle, Rap, Oldskool, Reggae, Ragga, Bass, Dubstep, House, all varieties of Electronic music, and many more…. Listen for free and enjoy the groove….

All posts are directly linked to tunes the artists posted themselves on Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, or elsewhere on the Internet….

Upcoming articles, tutorials and scripts will be about health issues, science, technology, music, IT, games and Linux specials, like system encryption, etc…. So stay tuned and check back often.

Some step by step tutorials on how to setup Mint Debian with dmcrypt into LVMs can be found here and here. The latter tutorial describing the installation via LiveCD is more practical. Nevertheless you should have some basic Linux knowledge in case you’ll encounter problems, which are not described in the tutorials, during installation. The installer in the rolling Mint Debian release does not yet support encryption during installation, as the Ubuntu based installer does.

You can find an article about Mint Debian and it’s pros-cons, as far as some docks to add some additional features, to ease the workflow here.

A special Google search engine was integrated on the right. This custom search engine focuses on IT, Linux, scripting, music and some other issues, which may interest you, it is rather specific. Nevertheless, feel free to use it and enjoy! The search box on top of the page is used for the internal site search.

The following sites are queried by the custom search.

There are hundreds of ways finding new music of independent artists, alongside free radio stations, featuring the newest music productions, on the Internet. Check for the frequent Sound Check # issues, containing tunes, sets and pearls on the Internet. Feel free to share the sources to your friends, so they may review and share those tunes and mixes, too.

Soundcloud.com is undoubtedly a great place to start with, if you’re looking for newcomers, and long time music producers. You may preview thousand of tunes and mixes of all kinds and genres. You may even download many tracks. Check it out, sign up on soundcloud.com, and don’t get lost 😉

Some other great sources to check out new and free music and information of different kinds are internet radio stations. I myself like listening to Bassdrive and SomaFM. If those do not match your taste, check out Shoutcast.com. It is a comprehensive archive for all kinds of radiostations worldwide. Great if you’re searching for somthing specific.

Also worth a mention are podcasts, if you’re seeking for music and information aside from mainstream media. I like using the Podster and Postcast portals, when looking for some specific piece of information, or music. The Linux Link is also worth a look, if you’re into Linux issues.

No music without player. Winamp is pretty nice for Windows based machines. If you’re looking for an all in one media solution (and not just another one) for Linux or Windows Banshee is recommended, it’s packed with tons of useful features and extensions. Banshee is rather new, but it gets better and more useful with every new release.

Finally, FutureGroove would also like to use the space on this website to post tutorials, reviews and compatibility issues for audio applications, e.g. sequencers like FL Studio, Reason, etc… A recent installation of the FL Studio trial version on Linux Mint Debian using Wine was also tested. It WORKS. Not as fluid as on Windows machines, though, it’s usable. Expect content dealing with similar issues in the future, as well. Enjoy futuregroove.net, and don’t forget to set a bookmark.